Where are we going?

These are strange days, indeed, as they say. Where are we going?

No crash, I don’t feel any crash coming. Even if the news is full of doom porn. Like these figures in the art above, we’re moving about on a strange island, but will soon find a new destination. So, carry on and keep moving, everyone. Most of all, keep feeling what you want to do and what you want to find. Then go after it!

Red Haired Girl

This is one of the art characters that popped out in my creative studio process. She’s bright and bold. These kinds of faces are the result of the Art Character workshop process.

Workshops held monthly in Santa Fe. Contact us for info on schedule, price & details.

Authority Figures: Inside & Outside


This guy could be your boss…or the president. Or, he could be a character that you employ to hold your own with the boss or the president. He’s an Authority Figure. Once we find our inner ones by watching the outer ones, it’s much easier to take back the control. Art follows life. Life also follows art.

Collected Works Bookstore 5-28, 3 pm

Captive Head, Casein, Chalk:Paper, H Margret

Join us for selected readings from “They Painted Themselves” starring Captive Head @ Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe, NM, @ 3 PM May 29. The art speaks for itself.  Lost Child, Rebel Punk and friends will all add their comments. Magazines available for purchase. Contact: HMargret@gmail.com

Art Workshops: Finding Faces

Learn a new kind of art: Finding faces! Visit Santa Fe, NM, and immerse yourself in new creative possibilities!

Personal archetypes hold power and energy for every creative person.

  • No art experience needed; yet artists will  access new tools to bust out of ruts and find new ways to use color expressively.
  • This innovative workshop series truly puts each participant into an exciting personal frontier.
  • All kinds of materials work. There are no mistakes & the results will astound you.
  • We will play with “studies” and relaxed approaches without pressure to complete finished paintings.
  • Workshops held June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, 2016; 3 Day workshop runs Friday-Sunday. $300. Snacks included. Selected materials provided. Each participant should bring their own favorite materials & collage pictures. Workshop emphasis is on exploration rather than creating art to show, although that often happens too. Day sessions are 9-4, with lunch break. Roundup review on Sunday to discuss what each participant gained from their play.
  • Lodging in downtown Santa Fe through Airbnb available.
  • Contact H Margret for schedule & details, location is Santa Fe, New Mexico, the famous artist hub of the southwest. Email : HMargret@cybermesa.com; 505-501-2290
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