Art Workshops: Finding Faces

Explore a new kind of art: Finding faces! 

Visit Santa Fe, NM…. Art immersion in new creativity!

  • No art experience needed; yet artists will  access new tools to bust out of ruts and find new ways to use color expressively.
  • This innovative workshop series puts participants into an exciting personal frontier.
  • All materials work. There are no mistakes & the results will astound you.
  • We will play with “studies” and relaxed approaches without pressure to complete finished paintings.
  • Workshops held June, July, Aug, Sept; 3 Day workshop runs Friday-Sunday. $600. Plan in advance since workshop limited to 8. Snacks included. Selected materials provided. Each participant should bring their own favorite materials & collage pictures. Workshop emphasis is on exploration rather than creating art to show, although that often happens too. Day sessions are 9-4, with lunch break. Roundup review on Sunday to discuss what each participant gained from their play.
  • Contact H Margret for schedule & details, location is Santa Fe, New Mexico, the famous artist hub of the southwest. Email :
  • More art and info:
  • Amused Princess

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